Use LEVIA at night in order to fall asleep quickly and experience natural deep and satisfying sleep throughout the night. As a result, you will wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day!

LEVIA by Day

During the day LEVIA weighted blankets help you to relax, reduce stress and anxieties. Whether you come home after a long and stressful day at work or just want to enjoy a peaceful Sunday on the couch. LEVIA has got you covered!

LEVIA by night

Fall asleep in minutes

Stop counting sheep and start taking control of your sleep! LEVIA weighted blankets make you fall asleep fast and easy – in a natural and therapeutic way. Feel how the additional weight calms your nervous system and lull you to sleep.

Sleep all night

No more waking up in the middle of the night with your LEVIA blanket. The ongoing release of Melatonin (the hormone responsible for your sleep) keeps your sleep cycle intact. Therefore, your sleep will be less disturbed by external factors such as noise.

wake up refreshed

Insufficient sleep has many negative effects on you – bad mood, lack of concentration and health issues just to name a few. Adequate sleep benefits your heart, weight and mind. LEVIA helps you to improve your memory and spur creativity.

LEVIA by day


Busy work schedule? Having a bad day? Or just a lot on your mind? Take a step back and unwind with the LEVIA weighted blanket – get rid of distraction and reduce stress. Make your way to the couch, get comfortable, and relax deeply.

Ground yourself

Turn daydreams into sweet dreams. Grounding helps to keep us in the here and now and assists us in mind and body connections. LEVIA blanket helps you to calm yourself and in turn improve overall mental health and well-being.

Get yourLEVIA Blanket now

Say goodbye to stress and sleeples nights

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Get yourLEVIA Blanket now

Say goodbye to stress and sleeples nights

just 219€

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