Do you remember the nights (and days) you were staying with your grandparents? Everything seamed less complicated, less hectic and less stressed. Of course, those were other times, because we were younger and had less worries, but still, there always was something which was special when staying with the grandparents.

We gathered some pearls of wisdom from our grandmothers to see what their secret tricks are for falling asleep in minutes. From Lavender to weighted blankets, we have a few ideas how to improve your night.

1. Lavender instead of counting sheep

Lavender calms your nerves and relaxes you in a natural and healthy way. Used for centuries, the spiky purple flower can influence the “slow-wave” sleep which relaxes the muscles in your body and slows your heartbeat.

Try lavender candles, oils or diffuser. Sprinkle a little lavender oil on your mattress or pillow and see how the smell of lavender can influence your night.

(Oils from 6-7€, Diffuser from 10€)

2. Warm milk with honey helps you fall asleep

Have you ever tried warm milk and honey? It´s so simple, yet it often helps us to relax and fall asleep easier. Our grandmothers knew that simple often does the trick.

Why not try a version influenced from today’s food-movement: warm golden vegetable milk (like almond or soy) with curcuma and cinnamon, also known as “Tumeric Tea”?

Check out this recipe: Tumeric Tea by Wellnesmama

3. Have a bath before bedtime

Taking a warm bath or a shower raises our body temperature. Once we are done, the body tries to lower the temperature of the body again. And this is the same process whats happening once we are under our blanket. Our body decreases our body temperature to conserve energy.

So have a bath and go straight to your bed afterwards.

4. Give your body more magnesium

Either as food or as an supplement – Magnesium lowers the stress hormone cortisol.

So change your diet and integrate more food containing magnesium: Nuts, whole grain rice, oat meal, sesame or sunflower seeds.

Or maybe just some chocolate? But please try the black bitter chocolate.

5. Don´t eat heavy late at night

You know the “food coma” like feeling after having too much to eat! You might feel tired and sleepy, but your body will have to work all night. This means waking up exhausted and unbalanced.

Try eating lighter at night and plan enough time after dinner before going to bed. If you can´t enjoy your nightly Blockbuster without snacks, try bananas, nuts (see the point about magnesium) or dates.

6. Try weighted blankets - they will feel like a hug

“People are not meant to be alone” – Words of wisdom from our grandmother. The feeling of getting touched and hugged gives us more security and triggers our primal instincts.

Some of us might remember sleeping better at our grandparents home then in our own beds. One reason could have been those old, heavy duvets our grandmas had.

Weighted blankets like the one from LEVIA are working the same way. You will feel more secure, calm and relaxed. Ultimately this will lead to a better sleep so you will be able to conquer the day.

Weighted Blankets from LEVIA

Constructed to weight 10-15% of your own body weight, heavy blankets from LEVIA can help you fall asleep in minutes and improve your overall well-being.

This science-backed weighted blanket contains two parts: A fluffy and super-soft minky cover and the heavy duvet on the inside. This duvet is filled with micro glas beads which bring the weight into the blanket.

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Photo 1. by Vero PhotoartPhoto 2. by Mariana MedvedevaPhoto 3. by Sarah CervantesPhoto 4. & 5. by Rachael Gorjestani