Copy of Test Sleeper - June 2019

Sleeptester June 2019:


Our LEVIA sleeptester in June 2019 was Shopie. 

Sophie discovered the LEVIA Blanket thanks to a family member and wrote a fantastic article on her experience with the LEVIA Blanket. Read more on her blog "Feinfühlig - na und?"

Note: the interview got translated from German on


Sophie P.

Age group:

18-30 Years

Weight group:

under 60KG

Sleep type:

A little bit of everything

Tested blanket:

7 KG


Without LEVIA:















Falling asleep:

Staying asleep:

Level of stress:

LEVIA: What were you looking for, before you tested the LEVIA Blanket? Why did you become a LEVIA Sleeptester?

Sophie: I bought the LEVIA Blanket, because I slept really bad. I could not disconnect at the end of the day and was turning around all the time. Additionally, I woke up many times per night, had bad dreams and was always tired the next day. 

LEVIA: How would you describe the first nights with your LEVIA Blanket?

Sophie: I´ve got way more relaxed and was able to interrupt my constant overthinking. Besides a bathroom break, I slept all night and woke up happy. I actually really had the feeling of happiness and satisfaction on the next morning, which helped my to wake up and start the day. 

LEVIA: How do you use your blanket at the moment? Are there moments where you definitely need your LEVIA? 

Sophie: I use the blanket every night! Sometimes even during the day, when I have a few minutes to relax. 

LEVIA: How does the weight of the blanket feels like for you?

Sophie: Very pleasant! The weight feels very light on your body. It actually gets distributed very well over the whole body.  

LEVIA: Lets talk about the workmanship. What do you think about the used materials? Do you sleep with a blanket cover or without? 

Sophie: I have used the winter cover, which is actually very soft and warm on the skin. Right now I use the summer cover made of cotton, which feels light and cooling. The summer cover is made from really nice fabrics and looks pretty posh.  

LEVIA: What changes would you wish for the future? (for example different materials, alternative colors etc.)

Sophie: The only change: different designs of the cover for warm nights. Relaxing colors with green and blue notes. 

LEVIA: Whats your final conclusion as the LEVIA sleeptester? Would you recommend the blanket?

Sophie: 100% recommended! A lot of people might be scared by the price. But its a fair cost-benefit ratio. The duvet as well as the cover feel really good on the skin and the blanket fulfills its purpose. Its actually an acquisition for life and you wont need to buy any more additonal bed ware.  

Thank you Sophie for this interesting Interview and the great feedback about your experience with the LEVIA Blanket. 

You want to try LEVIA yourself? - No problem, with the LEVIA 30 day "sleep guarantee" you will have enough time to test LEVIA as much as you need.  


Felix & Louis