Oh Happy Christmas Stress - 5 Tips to deal with it

Oh Happy Christmas Stress 

5 Tips to deal with it

Christmas music, mulled wine, cinnamon cookies, presents and spending time with the loved ones. This is what supposed to come to our minds when we think about Christmas. 


Unfortunately, reality looks different: packed shopping streets and malls, sensory overload, hunting for last minute Christmas presents and stressed people everywhere.Year after year the pre-Christmas time comes knocking at the door and all of a sudden, we face the stress that comes with it. That is a paradox in our society – we are supposed to enjoy this time of the year, but we often don’t. 


So, how can you deal with it? We have gathered 5 tips that will help you fight Christmas stress:

1. Take time outs

Especially during Christmas season, we are surrounded by obligations and have to deal with tons of people. Do yourself a favor and block time dedicated only for you! Go for a long walk, enjoy the snow, take a hot bath, listen to your favorite (Christmas) music or just relax at home in your pyjamas. 

While doing so, let go of your smartphone and escape the Christmas shopping madness. If you are not available 24/7, stress will decrease naturally.It is paramount to do what’s good for you and what makes you unwound. Everything will seem less hectic and stressed. 


LEVIAs tip: Make yourself comfortable at home and listen to a Christmas playlist while spending the whole day in your favorite Christmas jumper. 

2. The power of saying NO

Christmas parties, tons of deadlines, Christmas market marathons and family celebrations – the calendar is bursting at all seams. Especially during Christmas time, we want to do right by all. We rush from one appointment and deadline to the other, which leads to increased discomfort. 

That is why we should cherish our little free time and make the most out of it. Because this time is stressful by default, we have to preserve our physical and mental energy. So please remember to take care of yourself by pursuing your hobbies and purge your schedule. It is totally ok to say no – people will understand as they are experiencing the same stress. 


LEVIAs tip: open your calendar or to-do list, strike events off from this list and prioritize. Think about which events and tasks are indispensable and which are not.  

3. Stay warm and comfy

Cold winter days are not just afflicting your body, but also your mood. We obviously miss the warmth and the sun. We are rushing from one event to the other, trying to keep us warm by wearing five layers of clothing and hoping that our immune system will not go kamikaze on us. 

Feeling cold can be very stressful, or at least it makes us prone to stress, because our bodies are weekend. Change this by preparing a cup of your favorite tea, meet your friends and family for a coffee, or enjoy a warm mulled wine at the Christmas market – a hot beverage can work wonders. 

Additionally, get comfy and warm at home, snuggle with your favorite blanket or human and just sleep in. Sound sleep is one of the biggest stress-busters out there. 


LEVIAs tip: A warm cup of tea in combination with your LEVIA weighted blanket will do the trick.


It is as simple as it sounds: laughing is the best medicine against stress. It’s just not possible to laugh and feel stressed at the same time. Quite often we are taking things too seriously and feel tense about our environment.But that is not necessary. Meet with your friends and talk about funny stories, watch comedies, go dancing or just laugh about this whole Christmas madness. 


If you look around, you certainly will discover something to laugh about – be it a stressed couple passing by or kids tyrannizing their frustrated parents. 


 LEVIAs tip: Smiling can trick your brain into happiness and boost your mood. Just smile for 60 seconds when feeling stressed – you will lighten up and strengthen your immune system along the way. Give it a smile.  

5. Enjoy the Christmas treats

Yes, we all know that the Christmas period can be kryptonite for your beach body goals. From turkey to roasted potatoes to cakes and other Christmas treats – food can be found on every corner and most offices go crazy with sweets during this time.It is no wonder, that we eat many hearty meals and more cookies that we maybe should. 

But is it really that bad? In the end delicious food decreases stress and has a positive effect on your soul. 

By the way: cooking is also considered to be a stress relieving activity. 


LEVIAs tip: Prepare Christmas cookies and relief stress while cooking and eating. Here are some suggestions.  

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