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Our first Sleeptester is a real (test) professional. Together with his family, he runs the blog Freitest where he test and tries different kind of products for the daily use. For us, he tested the weighted blanket by LEVIA. 

Note: the interview got translated from German on LEVIAdecke.de  


Manuel F.

Age group:

30 - 45 years

Weight class:

over 90KG

Sleep type:

Sleeping on the side

Tested blanket:

9 KG


Without LEVIA:















Falling asleep:

Staying asleep:

Level of stress:

LEVIA: What were you looking for, before you tested the LEVIA Blanket? Why did you become a LEVIA Sleeptester?

Manuel: The idea that additional weight will help me to feel more comfortable. Usually you would think that the wait will be uncomfortable and wont help you to relax. I was expecting to feel restricted. And if there are controversial thoughts like, I just have to try it. Because if I was right with the way I was thinking, there wouldnt be any weighted blankets around. 

LEVIA: How would you describe the first nights with your LEVIA Blanket? 

Manuel: The first night were a little challenging. I had to get used to the additional weight and the handling of the blanket. But already on the second night, you could see the positive advantages. I was moving way less and was barely waking up at night. My wife was thinking I sleep like a stone next to here, what also meant that she will have a more quiet night. After the fourth night, it was completely normal to sleep with the LEVIA Blanket. 

LEVIA: How do you use your blanket at the moment? Are there moments where you definitely need your LEVIA? 

Manuel: I use the blanket as my normal blanket in bed and I use it daily. For me it got normal to use LEVIA. 

LEVIA: How does the weight of the blanket feels like for you?

Manuel: I actually don´t feel it anymore. It feels cozy and I will get to rest immediately and fall asleep. Now its more that I miss something, when I use my normal blanket.  

LEVIA: Lets talk about the workmanship. What do you think about the used materials? Do you sleep with a blanket cover or without? 

Manuel: I use the blanket without any additional cover. The fabric feels very good and I sleep really well under it. The quality is pretty good as well, no little threads or stitching visible. With the additional weight in the blanket, the stitching would go open, which is not the case here.  

LEVIA: What changes would you wish for the future? (for example different materials, alternative colors etc.)

Manuel: More colors would be great. But I would rather have more different kind of covers I can securely use with my blanket. 

LEVIA: Whats your final conclusion as the LEVIA sleeptester? Would you recommend the blanket?

Manuel: I can only recommend the blanket and advise everyone to at least try it. It changes the way how you sleep and its an easy way to more comfort and a better sleep. 

Thank you Manuel for this interesting Interview and the great feedback about your experience with the LEVIA Blanket. 

 You want to try LEVIA yourself? - No problem, with the LEVIA 30 day "sleep guarantee" you will have enough time to test LEVIA as much as you need. 


Felix & Louis