Our mission: “Improve people’s lives – in a natural and therapeutic way” 

At LEVA, we build products that improve sleep, relaxation and well-being. With the LEVIA weighted blanket, we offer our first science-backed product that fights insomnia, stress, anxiety, ADHD, autism and many other mental health issues. 

LEVIA is a start up from Munich (Germany) that is led by their two founders Louis von Otto and Felix Koleber. 

After our successful launch on Kickstarter in the Summer of 2018, we introduced the blanket to all major European markets in February 2019. 

All LEVIA products are designed & produced in Europe. Only weighted blankets "Made in Europe" can provide a high quality in fabrics and materials. Moreover, by producing the LEVIA products in Europe, we will be able to reduce the ecological footprint of our products. All duvets and covers are packed in our reusable cotton bags instead of plastic packaging. 


How did we come up with the IDEA behind LEVIA?

The idea for the LEVIA weighted blanket emerged out of necessity. During one of many sleepless nights we were browsing the internet for ways to eliminate insomnia. We stumbled upon heavy blankets that are applied in the therapeutic community. 

These weighted blankets have been used for years in the medical environment with great success and feedback. 

Other than most medical weighted blankets, LEVIA blanket combines the therapeutic benefits of weight with a beautiful looking blanket you would love to have in your bedroom."


Felix & Louis from LEVIA