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Thats how it works:


Choose your gift card and add it to the basket. 


You will receive an email with your personal link to redeem the gift card after you completed your order. 


Print or write down your personal gift card number. You will need this number to redeem your store credit on leviablanket.com.

Thats how you use your gift card:


Choose any LEVIA item and add it to your basket. 


Redeem your gift card credit during the checkout. Add your gift card number into the field "Gift card or Discount code".


Your gift card credit will get deducted from the total price. In case your gift card credit is lower than the total price, you can pay the difference by choosing an alternative payment method. 

Frequently asked questions:

Can I redeem my gift card on every LEVIA shop?

No, the gift card can only be redeemed on leviablanket.com 

Was passiert mit meinem Restguthaben?
What happens with the rest of my store credit?

In case your gift card will have some credit left after your order, you will be able to redeem this credit in any future orders. 

Can I use more than one gift card at a time?

Yes, if you gift cards have credit left, you also can combine multiple gift cards to pay for a single order. 

What happens if the gift card credit is less than the total of my order?

In case your gift card credit is less than the total order amount, you always can choose an additional/alternative payment method to pay for the difference.